The Types Of Cigars Shapes

Cigar’s burning properties are determined greatly by the tobacco, but cigar’s shape can also affect burn. Thicker cigars are known to burn slower than thin cigars which are burning more rapidly. Thin cigars also tend to be stronger than thicker, but the tobacco is the main factor in determining the cigar strength. The other important thing to know is that strength of a cigar may vary from brand to brand, for example, corona from two different brands can have a very different taste.

cigar shape

It is also important to describe cigar by its size, as well as shape, because a cigar shape can vary in size from brand to brand. There are two main factors for measuring: length is measured by inches, and ring gauge is always measured in 64th of an inch (which means that a cigar with rings gauge of 64 would be an inch in diameter). The size also plays an important factor in determining the time it takes to smoke one cigar. Note that the size of cigars doesn’t affect its strength.

There are two basic cigar shapes. The straight edged cigar is called Parejo, and irregular shaped is called figurado.

Parejo is the typical straight edged cigar. It can be box-pressed (pressed in square) or round. They usually require to be cut before smoking but have an open foot for lighting. Here are the main types of parejo cigars, listed below: CoronaThis is the standard size, the basis from which all other cigars are measured. Traditional measures are 5 1/2 to 6 inches with a ring gauge of 42 to 44. Petit Corona’s short version, usually only 4 1/2 inches long by a 40 to 42 ring gauge. Double Corona Large and increasingly popular, 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches, with a ring gauge of 49 to 52. Churchill another large corona, with a size of 7 inches by 47 ring gauge.

Robusto is a short and stocky version of Churchill, especially popular in America. The size varies from 5 to 5 1/2 inches in length and has a 50 ring gauge. Corona GordaOr fat corona, it is basically like a long version of Robusto. 5 5/8 inches long by 46 ring gauge, it is also known as toro (Spanish for bull). Panetela an elegant version of the corona, it is long and thin. Length varies from 5 to 7 1/2 inches with a ring gauge of 34 to 38. LonsdaleKnown to be longer than corona and thicker than panatela it’s size is at standard 6 1/2 inches length by 42 ring gauge.

Figurado is a cigar that has a creative shape. Basically, any cigar that isn’t shaped like straight sided cylinder is a figurado. The shapes and flavor vary widely, depending on manufacturer, but here are some general categories of figurados listed below: Pyramid cigars have heads decreased to a point, but cut feet, like parejos, broad and open. The shape of its head allows a more complex aroma. They are 6 to 7 inches long with a ring gauge of around 40 at the head and 52 to 54 at the foot. Belicoso is a type of short pyramids, with a bit rounder head. Length is about 5 or 5 1/2 inches and a ring gauge is 50 or less.

TorpedoIt has a closed foot, a bulge in the middle and a head tapered to a point. It is a bit rare sight today. Perfecto, with its narrow foot and head and a bulge in the middle, their measures vary from 4 1/2 inches all the way up to 9 inches in length and from 38 to 48 in thickness of ring gauge. Culebra is one of the most exotic figurados, it is comprised of three panetelas which are braided together, tied with a string and sold as one cigar. It is rare and hard to come by, so it suits the special occasions perfectly. Diadema Gigantic figurado! They are over 8 inches long with a tapered head and a ring gauge of 40. The foot is open or closed, with ring gauge often surpassing 52.